Seeds of Light


The Flow of Stardust …

We are created of the dust of the stars when they die. Their fragmented bodies called back together by a need the universe has come to realize it cannot do without. When they touch our celestial boundaries melding into the Earth’s consciousness … It is then stardust takes the form of the human soul and we begin the journey Home once again.

The Lamp Girl sat by the seedling pool as she has everyday of her existence. Before she was a human being, she had been one half of each reason ask to come together in the name of her very own creation. She knew the story by heart before it was ever realized in her Mother’s and Father’s journeys of self willed though often blinded fate and chosen destinies. Some souls come to this field of perceptive possibility seeking to play such a significant part in culling the clock hands of conscious compassion they are confused as to why they are truly here and yet, they never realize in timely countenance their pain is, in truth, the greatest blessing they will ever receive.

© 2014 C.D.D. All Rights Reserved

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