NaPoWriMo 2016 #29

I Remember


I remember the day you opened your eyes,

I remember your first bottle and burp,

I remember the smell of your puppy breath,

I remember how you house trained yourself,

I remember how you scared the big dogs not knowing the rules,

I remember how unafraid you were to live,

I remember how much you loved the first snow,

I remember how you sat at the table to eat dinner,

I remember laughter at the games you invented,

I remember ever single day you shared in our life,

I remember how you healed us all with your love,

I remember being taught what trust really is,

I remember how you protected me even from shadows,

I remember when you got old and sickly,

I remember how your puppy still sang Happy Birthday,

I remember everyday with you as an honor,

I remember you as my blessing.

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NaPoWriMo 2016 #28


We hunger so,

There must be a way to quench these desires,

We’ve dream the illusion into reality,

Until rapture has taken us over completely,

The bitter salt of happy thirst,

Sweet breathe hot on open receptive pores,

Mouth upon mouth,

We want for touch and captivation,

Melding in passion’s playful discovery,

Longing for love’s manifestation in our lives.

© 2016 cdd All rights Reserved

NaPoWriMo 2016 #27


Believer in Signs

Upon rising in the morning, the dreary window pellets of  Dawn’s still falling rain clinging to the frigid glass, I glanced out upon the lake, as is my custom … Across the mid distant clay completion of it’s surface, beyond the brushy bank, now green with grasses below the leafing river birch on their high banking perch … I took in, having waded out a good measure perhaps as much as a horse is long, the starkest white crane I have seen since my early childhood … When I was small we could encounter the Whooping Cranes often, wading in the salt flats near the tiny village where I was born … Yet, this ghostly apparent wandering light seemed no ordinary Blue Heron I have spied before and most certainly not in the drear of a rain … My eyes seemed spellbound to the creature. lost in it’s magnificence for moments which I cannot make my self accountable for to wakefulness … It examined the bank where the geese have chosen to make their nest this year, a great intensity caught it up on the bank, yet, venturing out of the water it did not … Raising it’s neck to what must have been the full extension of it’s body, carelessly like an innocent child stretching after sleep … It seemed to make invisible contact with an answerable entity … Gaining the solution sought it stepped lively around the nearest lobe of the bend of hazel brush and was gone from my sight all at once  …  After dressing, I returned to the window in search of it’s beauty once more, to find it perching in one of the Great Cypress leading up to the meadow and forest beyond … I come from a long line of poets and the like, for myself,  there was an unspoken message in this spiritual totem, this rare sighting of the Great White Egret …

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Photo Credit: Budd Titlow

NaPoWriMo 2016 #26


 the world did it’s level best …

to drive a wedge between us …

it was all in vain …

for my favorite pastime has always been …

listening to your heart beating in my ear …

this is where all my dreams originate …

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NaPoWriMo 2016 #25

{off prompt}



Green leaf ginger renegades steal her sleepless daze … she dances to the Gypsy Wife alone until day break … how is it her left her here … so easily for the elements to wear away … salt pillar sister … coal and diamond time travel promises … garland about her lily …

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Photo Credit © 2016 cdd All Rights Reserved

NaPoWriMo 2016 #24

{off prompt}

Love is All I Know

Love is all I know in this dear and frail heart of mine … it seems I spat and fight the flow … in truth tis’ those who styptic blood’s freedom … which see me as cumbersome or bold … in truth I want to like the fan unfold in morning sun and bitter cold … to wrap my leather likeness shield absorbing … your skin into mine as if to dine upon the salt I’d find … protest is festering wounds of old thorn tangled midnight bolts … from capture, creature, torture told … beneath pink blankets when the moon is bold … and our nakedness was nothing but warmth to heal childhood  … my nostrils spun flower baths and poppy seed cakes drown with butter … let it grease where it may for it knows the way … and lips lag not but  follow … I loved you such as this when the moon chose any phase … my soul carved out draped on the maze … the light lilies lean then follow …  I gave you all my seeds and spawn from darkness to the gallows … yet, you remained a God in presence prayed … now, I shall drink the shallows … I love you … Ever I shall from a star you dare not see.

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NaPoWriMo 2016 #23

The prompt today was to write a Sonnet.

“Traditionally, sonnets are 14-line poems, with ten syllables per line, written in iambs (i.e., with a meter in which an unstressed syllable is followed by one stressed syllable, and so on). ” via the NaPowriMo website

I ended up with 17 lines yet, in iambic pentameter. It has been many years since I’ve adhered to form being an utterer. I decided to leave it be. I hope you don’t mind.

dbb7953fHow shall I be a bride to death once more,
Your black rose has been left upon my door,
Speaking of your light as if the Source,
Deaf calling cards with no hint of remorse,
The Specter came to claim my bridely hand,
That morning we were to be wife and man,
His claw upon my fair face it was froze,
And withered did he every single rose,
I ran the streets in lace and pasty pearls,
The constable was sent to search the Burroughs,
Yet, to his horrified steads broken gate,
Abandoned was the man thrown on road slate,
Lo, the guests arrived from ghostly lands,
Vows recited to the baying of Hell hounds,
Death wore bat spats and a satin tie,
I stood wishing it were I to die,
You crossing not shades to claim, love in vain.

© 2016 cdd All Rights Reserved