Button clad agaric caution …


Button clad agaric caution hosts the greenest compliments the mosses know to braille brush the aspen’s whispers … with surest harmony found beneath the courageous first ice to die in Spring’s frail hands … the steam of your tea pot, bath, and clinging window vapors … The forest path urged me to gain all I could from the shadows and stem of tree tailored light … I nodded not wanting to break your silence.

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PhotoCredit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amanita_muscaria#/media/File:2006-10-25_Amanita_muscaria_crop.jpg

The stars spoke saying,”We are the constant, the spark of dark flame within your illumination. You are the path we guide our birthing by.”

I know it to be truth for your warmth wrapped about me, the quilt of eastern breezes, and I was held in an eternal womb of your vibrant sky dust.

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Saying Goodbye

420957_365555960124650_989349055_nSaying Goodbye, well that’s simply not possible … we are a part of each other now … you have not listened, when the breeze leaves the lake headed for window’s broken pane … to reach your sweet flesh again … daily, I write … when the heat is too much to bear … sweat culling my back as droplets off the twigs of Pinyons in the thawing mountain mornings … these paths in my mind clear enough to hear the raven’s wing stroke silence above … the fans lull illusions away … mere fingers for clothing and digit~less prayers to pray … Do you softly gently ever ? … Do eyes remain in a bowl upon the chair ? … I fingertip and hand dance, holy …  muscle moist and glorify the imperfection … be the gift what was intended when we became … It’s been so long since I’ve dropped clean through the net like this … and yes, the thought of you does …

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1454625_634342436609043_570995081_n (1)

Art Credit: Tomasz Alen Kopera

Now is the briefest passage of the gloaming light … mustard flecked goblin suspensions of Spirit’s absinthe carpet between worlds … mosaic cedar peridot shadows cast craving capillaries to crest upon ethereal shores … we wait … our nakedness hidden behind the frail coats of the illuminated unkindness of Winter … it is not yet ready to trade our smiles for the warmth Pangea may measure with both sunlight and the breath of the stars in their ecstatic chants to Baba … the forest is brief in its mating … all above and below tis sacred glow revealed as it once was … not as we made it so … bark and branch as kindred kings carrying lark, lichen, moss, and lamp likened skies of pure pervading glory …  in the turning cast, the evening’s shadow, fauns a delicate blanket of faery tales yet unwritten … lovers await the deepening safety, the negral of night … to taste the darkness of surrender’s kiss …

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Please visit this link for more of Tomasz’s astounding art work. Support the Arts They are the foundation of our freedoms. Blessings, Carla Dawn


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My arrival at home that day had been too late. I could see it when my eyes met my Mothers. I dropped my shopping bags and asked, “Where?” It was Gertrude. She wouldn’t get up. As I approached, calling her name, she raised her head mouth gapping open in her mute state. Anxiously, she rose and stumbled towards me falling again on her limp body’s forgotten fullness. I lifted her assuring us both. “I am here now, baby” leaning in she held me with the reply “I waited for you, Mama. I waited hard.”

There was no use at this point to attempt to save her. It was an understanding too bitter to taste yet, it rose up in my mouth repugnant. There remained only a few moments to hold her and be at one with her beauty. She was concerned for the others. I promised I would help Hildegard with them and with this her final breaths clawed their way through eternity as her green legs kicked in defiance of death.

Our time was indeed short. Our bonds broken by forces neither of us knew how to combat except to hold our hearts closely as she passed from warmth into the darkness. We walked together until reaching the light again. Then, Gertrude flew into the haven of the Summerland. I made my way back through the shades alone and prepared her vessel for burial.

As I sewed the shroud of silk about her still warm corpse, I could feel the majesty of her noble self come alive deep within me. It was a new blessing, a precious gift I melded to my heart’s awareness. I only had salt tears to send with her into the grave. Each night when I go out to feed, I see how readily Hildegard has come to adopt the role of Mother Hen. This brood of odd foul run under her as she did beneath Gertrude. We offer feed to the air and water to the Earth for her each morning and night. I believe she would be proud of how we’ve made sure they all came along so well. Louise laid her first egg only yesterday. I feel it as a sign from my beautiful girl all is well just beyond the shadows of these veils.

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Dares, Dodges, and Ignorance

Faery Rose 003

She brought flowers with her for the first time they would meet. Lovely pink roses, she bought as the grocers a few blocks from his house. She had gotten lost, as she often does, her mind only existing in another plane of conception~ality, in a far kinder world than what we know as the illusion we participate in. Only a rare few ever pause to understand why she’d been born with no magnetic North. It is a blessing and a curse. The counter lady had smiled and wished her good luck. Its nice how some women seem to be sisters to everyone. It makes being a woman and a lady something to hold onto now a days. The roses took her last ten dollars so, the sister threw in the glass of ice water to keep them fresh while she drove the neighborhood looking for his house. She called him to say she would be late and could he come out front so she knew she had the right house yes, she knew how to read a map and an Ivy League education really had nothing to do with it. She felt that pang of people thinking she is ignorant because she has no “education” and she know where that street led her to. She knew better. He was sitting on the front step, when she pulled up. She took the flowers with her though he never commented. They walked inside and he commented how she didn’t resemble Helen at all. she was much shorter and well, Scottish looking perhaps. it was amusing to her as most people can’t figure out the ethnic mix either. They talked and laughed and drank for hours. It was good. She put him to bed and shut down his computer, locked up after taking the dog out and filling his bowls with the proper required goodies. Climbing back into her car, she set out South towards the coast to greet the morning her toes in the sand. She ate the rose petals through the night gaining their sweet wisdom and drank the tepid water.

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Light my world …


You are the source of my Sun~shine revolving around the window pane galaxy which leads long stemmed petal and portal pressed … cut glass azure sea foam spanning bridges of prismatic light between your world and mine … without the club bump beating of your heart, my kingdom could not stand … for it is that distant lull which hold the mass and grounds … you panhandle the rain which mists my eyes, my words, my tender held refrains … my hope remains verily chained to standing in your storms for lack of touch or grain … Long I have and I shall remain … enamored by my muse, my sword, my heart’s sweet claim …

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