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My life revolves around my work. It is what I am and what I do. My entire mode of expression as a person, a being, an artist comes from my work and how I relate to the world through it. It makes for a very complicated woman and often it is challenging. This is who “I Am” My way of making a means in this world is “Strong Illumination Arts” a small business with huge creative force and hopes behind it.  I wanted to share this with you here on my blogs because SIA is the force which supports my writing, visual arts, and a variety of other expressions as well as those of others artists. I appreciate your support in kind and am so very grateful for everyone who gives of their self to the Indie movement. Together, I believe, we can bring the art and conscious expression back to being what they always were meant to be … the lens of life.

Strong Illumination Arts was birthed to bring to fruition a long held dream of mine. Since I was very young, literally as long as I can remember, I have had a burning desire to spread a message to the world. It is not a complicated sentiment although it has always, it seems, been met with the greatest of resistance. This message has been in the past and is still today shared by our most profound and revered visionaries, prophets, philanthropists, saints, luminaries, poets, writers, lyricists, peacemakers, musicians, and artists long before I came into Being in this lifetime. Though I do not count myself amoung them, by any means, I do strive to walk along side their foot paths for we are all believers in the one most high concept which can bring about the greatest changes for good in this or any world. I believe, to a definite knowing, that this magical property they all share is Love. Love unites uncommon beings. Love softens even the hardest of hearts. It comforts all manner of sickness, strife, and pain, Love can heal, reveal, and shelter anyone or anything, if given a pure  chance. When opened to it fully, this core continuity of Love can be the vehicle for peace, change, growth, and foster the impossibleness of conflict into understanding. In it’s capable hands the unthinkable can be found, the unreasonable and that thought to be without forgiveness, well it can be a common everyday happening. 
Love has touched me in ways I am not sure I can ever fully express if I wrote or created art for 50 lifetimes. Before, I knew Love, as I do now, I lacked the ability to conceive of someday facing the truth of the shadows of my Self in a way to conceptualize what it might mean to Love them. When we cannot embrace in Oneness this ego with the compassion learned through the lens only Love’s looking glass can illuminate for us, I feel, we can never truly begin to learn how valuable The Light is in our lives. To know we are creatures of lesser loving consequence is to live in the lovelight daily for we have found personal redemption, personal acceptance of who we are not. Facing the phallicy of who we pretended to be even to the incorporation of our own illusions to maintain the lies and habits of self denial is one of the most important steps we can take towards self empowerment. To hold to a balanced 
and healthy measurement of “Who We Are”, “I Am”, “I Shall Be” and when we are at Death’s transition, arriving at Being in the illusionless state, when we are prepared to once more be immersed in the waters of creation, born a new again as Love It’s Self. If you doubt this … hold a newborn child. They are Love unscathed yet, fully equaled to enlighten us all on how we may be living our blessed lives with a mere glance. We all once possessed this magical power.
Strong Illumination Arts is my mission to return to Oneness by being a channel back to Love through my light which is my strength and my darkness which is my greatest teacher of where to find more meaningful ways to express the gift of embracing my fellow beings and learning what they will graciously teach me through Universal receptivity this time around. Being often put to task, I do fail. Yet, I believe in trying not winning, In reaching across not being superior, In helping not ignoring, and that everyone gets to sing and dance even if they can’t carry a tune. Life is not about our ideals … it is about the only real thing we have … Love.   
Brightest Blessings,
Carla Dawn
Carla Dawn Dunlap was born in Peoria, Illinois in 1964. She was writing poetry and creating visual art works before she ever went to school. Her love for poetry has never waned throughout her life. In her mid teens she began writing seriously and to this day the Poetry, Prose, and Utterances which she shares with the world are considered highly spiritual and sacred to her. As an Independent creator, her first four books of are self published here on Amazon.com.
“I feel Leonard Cohen spoke to the often mystical personal alchemy of writing poetry and the human soul in his acceptance speech for an honorary prize for poetry, to their Royal Highness’s of Asturias, when he said, ” Poetry comes from a place that no one commands and no one conquers.” In this way I relate to the craft as “being in the flow of the happening beauty and universal interaction” rather than being the creator of the work. I, myself,often go back and read what I have written some what confounded by how it came to be. It is truly a blessing for me personally to be able to have the privilege of containing, experiencing, expressing, and ultimately sharing that which is brought forth as the offering of the soul through my writing. This precious gifting or perhaps simply spreading light and love as I like to think of it. “
Love, Light, and Peace to you,
Carla Dawn
Current works can be read on her blogs at:
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  1. Hi Carla Dawn! Can so relate to your mission, your ‘About’ and the Leonard Cohen quotes. I often relate my writing (and music) to Kahlil Gibran’s description of children in ‘The Prophet’ – “They come through you but not from you.”
    Thank you for your follow – I’m looking forward to reading your work and wish you every success with SIA.

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    1. Hi Rob Nice to meet you. So lovely to find a kindred spirit. Thanks to my eldest sister I began reading Kahlil Gibran in Junior High and yes, the parallels are so fitting. I look forward to following you as well. I have enjoyed reading the few works of yours I have already. Thank you so much for the kind wishes. SIA is a labour of love and a dream I have had since my childhood. I am quite grateful. Blessings and Peace, Carla Dawn

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  2. Hello Carla! I have read through all of your ‘About’ page. It’s fascinating. I share your beliefs on love. We need a love world. Love will make the world an excellent place for all. Have you ever heard about Excellent World International Organization? I believe the world ought to be an excellent place for all of us to enjoy and working together we can make such a world come true. You can see we are one.

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    1. Hello Sir, Thank you for your kind comments. Love is what makes up all that we have and all that we have depends on the measures of love we use in the making. It is so vast and again only a scant whisper, such a delicate measure of all tented tasks which can and cannot withstand even a raindrop yet, will be the safe city walls against monsoons. A million metaphors … 🙂 I have not heard of the organization you mentioned. Please, feel free to share. Yes, we are One and I believe it shall come to pass one fine day when we awaken to peace at last.


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