Bending to Your Fancy

Winter’s willing bride again cradles the looking glass which Spring, as maiden, held seeming moments ago … dewy instrument of visage fortunes, the lullaby of seasonal bitter brace … Her fair sun portrait now locked in Sisters’ crystal orb, birch lace, and paper mittened graces … She stands whole in the disillusions of Persephone’s interrupted resurrection … the flocked seasons of red wheat, Her crown … pale as the wash with which She holds time bridled, bitten, and seeking … Her soul engulfed in the creation of brindle frost and frond the Love only the Poet and His Poem alone are able to awaken and possess … He reigns over Summer’s fire and Autumn in its stolen wonder … She whisper’s to the night’s fragile ebony tangle … Yours … Now … Sometimes … and Ever …

© 2017 cdd All Rights Reserved



  1. August rye, heady splendid undulates
    take to wind as miller children might
    thresh kiting blanket limbs
    watching seeds fall into piles
    near where two mules turn
    the grindstone when flour
    be needed …


  2. Yes, Blackberry jam and Easter Eggers sunrise yokes at Dawn’s display … ornaments of gleaming sea glass. speaking through the oracles only the candle light carries …sage secreted night settles velvet dew to witching want … and the forest plays show and tell accordingly …

    Bright Blessings.and Gratitude for your Glory words … Carla..


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