Dares, Dodges, and Ignorance

Faery Rose 003

She brought flowers with her for the first time they would meet. Lovely pink roses, she bought as the grocers a few blocks from his house. She had gotten lost, as she often does, her mind only existing in another plane of conception~ality, in a far kinder world than what we know as the illusion we participate in. Only a rare few ever pause to understand why she’d been born with no magnetic North. It is a blessing and a curse. The counter lady had smiled and wished her good luck. Its nice how some women seem to be sisters to everyone. It makes being a woman and a lady something to hold onto now a days. The roses took her last ten dollars so, the sister threw in the glass of ice water to keep them fresh while she drove the neighborhood looking for his house. She called him to say she would be late and could he come out front so she knew she had the right house yes, she knew how to read a map and an Ivy League education really had nothing to do with it. She felt that pang of people thinking she is ignorant because she has no “education” and she know where that street led her to. She knew better. He was sitting on the front step, when she pulled up. She took the flowers with her though he never commented. They walked inside and he commented how she didn’t resemble Helen at all. she was much shorter and well, Scottish looking perhaps. it was amusing to her as most people can’t figure out the ethnic mix either. They talked and laughed and drank for hours. It was good. She put him to bed and shut down his computer, locked up after taking the dog out and filling his bowls with the proper required goodies. Climbing back into her car, she set out South towards the coast to greet the morning her toes in the sand. She ate the rose petals through the night gaining their sweet wisdom and drank the tepid water.

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Light my world …


You are the source of my Sun~shine revolving around the window pane galaxy which leads long stemmed petal and portal pressed … cut glass azure sea foam spanning bridges of prismatic light between your world and mine … without the club bump beating of your heart, my kingdom could not stand … for it is that distant lull which hold the mass and grounds … you panhandle the rain which mists my eyes, my words, my tender held refrains … my hope remains verily chained to standing in your storms for lack of touch or grain … Long I have and I shall remain … enamored by my muse, my sword, my heart’s sweet claim …

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