Puns and Punctuation


I used to come to the altar of offerings to bleed for you in single strands of my diluted blue blood punctuated elixirs … finery frost and the web of maidenhair remembrances written on winds which slumbered while my heart made ready only that which would serve thee … love was their carriage master … It was in the winter nights I wandered ice ghost stone shell of a lover left in me … East my feet blue as the vein untapped would creep … to your window panes and brittle break upon their fragile pain as toe dance I would to see you pen … bay tea and herb, parchments and hound … yet, seldom was it you I found … so in love with the moon you were that she had your gaze, your lips, the touch of that which goes beyond what most can bear or bare … the pebbles I pelted upon our skull were never felt by your mortal core … all the same you turned and smiled right through me … 

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Queens of the Tarot up your sleeves


How can I write anything more than druthers with you gone … with your salt still here in my veins,  in the stinging my eyes shares … with that feeling I never had when you left … not shaving all weekend but had all of me you wanted … by now lips would be as raw as my heart feels this moment … nearest to bleeding I have felt since I swore I would never let another you in … you came right through the front door and took the keys off the nail where they hung … I think you put them in your pocket … maybe you threw them out the open window … I’ve no idea, I was too busy with those eyes of yours … and how your intelligence drew me in like magnetic North turns the spiritual compass of a sinner towards the great reward … I was present for the second time in my life … grounded … ravenous … yet, somehow you found it amusing … when I spoke your name with passion and desired, to taste everything, to believe in the possibilities … you merely wanted assurances you could have assurances before you took the thorns off the rose canes … How did Leonard put it, “He was just looking for a card so high, he’d never have to deal another … ” and you found it only to dog ear the corner to remind yourself … it became essential I be broken down to baby girl and Eve before you returned my keys to me … assuring me, I was ordinary after all … you taught me too early, there is only one surprise … you carry the Queens of the Tarot up your sleeves …

© 2016 cdd All Rights Reserved