NaPoWriMo 2016 #24

{off prompt}

Love is All I Know

Love is all I know in this dear and frail heart of mine … it seems I spat and fight the flow … in truth tis’ those who styptic blood’s freedom … which see me as cumbersome or bold … in truth I want to like the fan unfold in morning sun and bitter cold … to wrap my leather likeness shield absorbing … your skin into mine as if to dine upon the salt I’d find … protest is festering wounds of old thorn tangled midnight bolts … from capture, creature, torture told … beneath pink blankets when the moon is bold … and our nakedness was nothing but warmth to heal childhood  … my nostrils spun flower baths and poppy seed cakes drown with butter … let it grease where it may for it knows the way … and lips lag not but  follow … I loved you such as this when the moon chose any phase … my soul carved out draped on the maze … the light lilies lean then follow …  I gave you all my seeds and spawn from darkness to the gallows … yet, you remained a God in presence prayed … now, I shall drink the shallows … I love you … Ever I shall from a star you dare not see.

© 2016 cdd All Rights Reserved

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