NaPoWriMo 2016 #20

20745_108584522491136_6797472_nWelcome to My Mechanism

There is a little story, about the spider and the fly,

Come into my parlor, one says, Yet, they both have eight eyes,

Where’s the fun in that?, They thought,

Through mismatched days, when no ribbons could be found,

To tie the velocity of the wind’s desire to Earth or sky,

Nor offerings were considered a fitting sacrifice,

Not even the thousand Blessing Beetles,

Tied to the copper neck of the lightning rod,

Seeking a storm to silence the deafening babbling,

Sucking my golden light through your glory funnel,

I bled the stigmata of loving for all to see,

Now, we have only the promise Winters will be bitter,

Not being seen otherwise for crane wives’ bee hives,

Are likened to pias prayer more than they be in truth,

Mechanisms making chambers whole, secrets hum, the honey flow,

Mine had been offered freely, they were asked to go,

As was the fly when webs no longer trapped warm blood,

Thus my cross, my candor, and my sickness know,

I shall pardon parlor spiders and elemental lies.

© 2016 cdd All Rights Reserved

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