NaPoWriMo 2016 #19

goldfinch 01Goldfinch 02Goldfinch 03

The day was one of those spring firsts,

You can’t bear to be inside and miss the sun,

Everything is electric again for the first time,

Since winter relented to Sleep’s constant instances,

The marvel of birthing had begun once more,

We could hear their song in the canopy above,

Yet, the heavy laden cedar limbs were so dense,

Their brightness remained hidden from us,

Like children we searched for a hint of gold,

Mom couldn’t look up anymore, becoming dizzy,

I led her to the door, ” I’m alright. enjoy them.”

She smiled and closed the door behind her,

I fetched my camera, sitting motionless, zoom set,

Soon the yellow flakes began to appear above me,

The goldfinches were returned, gone so quickly,

With my few photos in my pocket, I found her,

Reading on her bed, she smiled when I shared,

Her Grandmother had kept canaries as pets,

And, “Grandpa always wanted to tame a Goldfinch,”

She floated off the bed to another plane then,

Stories of gladiola farms and cotton wagons,

They began to drift through a passageway she made,

I sat on the edge of the bed and listened,

It is an easy process and works well for nearly all,

Share light you’ve captured in you hands or heart,

Uplift another who has lost a bit of life,

Once upon a time taken quite for granted.

© 2016 cdd Text and Photo All Rights Reserved


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