NaPoWriMo 2016 #10

The Pullet’s Song

(off prompt)

The heart rushes at times ahead of its rhythms … expanding beyond what oxygen can supply for salvation … in these times, when the ache is so acute … death is so near … I listen for the pullet’s song … I heard it as a child, so sweet … in the balm of the afternoon on Grandmother’s farm … the hens worrying about the yard …  their peck and choose of bug or root … falling into a muse of melodic solvents … the innocence falling together in pure harmony … I believe even the clouds stayed a moment … suspended in a way uncommon to them … listening to the simplicity of nature’s music … calling Spirit back to a heart with constancy once more it’s own … these brief moments …touching the mystic beyond are gifts … drifting through our lives … as we attempt their capture in our butterfly nets of cellular memory.

© 2016 cdd All Rights Reserved

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