World Poetry Day

“Sing Your Own Song”

by Carla Joe 2/30/79

Sing your own song, to your own tune;
Yet, do not sing so loudly you blot out another’s song;
Play your own horn, to your own song;
Play softly enough to hear another’s melody;
Call your own name, in your own voice;
But, call your name softly, gently enough to those who may need you;
Walk your own street; in your own footsteps;
Do not walk so radidly, you leave no memories behind;
Do your own work, with your own tools;
Make your life worthwhile; also work to make another’s as precious.
© 2016 cdd all Rights Reserved

I was recently going through some old papers at my parent’s home. I came across this poem and the accompanying photographs bundled together in a little box.  They are some of the few items which remain from my youth. Mrs. Herriage was my English teacher in 7th and 8th grade. She was one of my favorite teachers and it is because she encouraged me then, I still write today. I wish she was still with us. I would thank her for believing in me then and seeing more than I realized  was present. Inspiration and mentoring of the art of poetry is vitally important. At times, as with music, poetry is the only way we can describe how deeply our emotions reach or are being offered.

This little poem sounds funny now. I still feel the same about what it is saying. I remain the same in these beliefs. Compassion and gentle intentions are fitting always. Today is World Poetry Day. On this day and always I am pleased to still wear the badge of the poet on my sleeve.

Brightest Blessings,


1979 poem 020


1979 poem 010

Myself on a school trip to Jubillee State Park

1979 poem 013

Miss Gish and Mrs. Herriage

1979 poem 017

Another girl and myself

1979 poem 016

My oldest friend in the world,

Crystal O’Connell (L) and

and other girls

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