I have come …

I have come to abandon Self to Her place in sweet nakedness on the altar … where others have been to mock her mattress of petals woven of forgotten flowers and the feathers of sky songs … She will not bleed when they cut her breast, … for she has become a vision at last.

Sept. 30, 2015 © 2015 Carla Dawn Dunlap All Right Reserved


8 thoughts on “I have come …

      1. Bless you for your kindness. Please forgive my absence and tardiness in responding to your comment. No less appreciation and gratitude. I’ve been a bit too reclusive lately. Hope you are well my spiritual brother. Namaskar

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      2. I am well sister. Going through my poetry…upgrading them. I have one room left to do which is the main kitchen and all will be painted on the inside except for the den which maybe next years project. House and garden will be done. I hope you working on your website and completing your building is keeping you busy. If it is other situation you have my utmost healing. Be well.

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