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At The Speed of Light

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A cluster of stars came and spoke to me

Curious as to how I was feeling

I replied “Surely you can see”

I know I am just a man

But damn! She makes me feel extraordinary

The stars were beautiful

Really vivid and glistening

I believe they were moved by how I was feeling

“She is heavenly!,” I shouted, making sure they heard me

They shined a little brighter, as if they agreed

And we made a pact on this night, the stars and I

That whenever I felt the dimness from her absence

They would come and talk with me

There would be no need for the tongue to speak

They would simply shine, as bright as possible

For me and for her

Lighting up two heart at one time

The message of love traveling at the speed of light

* photo credit: www.athenna.com

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Time Won’t Change A Thing

Syl65's Blog

We were meant to be

Me with you

You with me

The only equation that adds up

You are universal change

Beautiful in all your ways

The first time I saw you

I remember the moment well

Replayed in my mind, thousands of times

Give me stars and I’ll give them back

They lack the shine that you bring

Forgive me I put your name on repeat

Some things are worth repeating

Time will come and it will pass

The moments will come and they will pass

But time will not ever change my love for you

And every moment with you….

It is everlasting

– photo credit: www.boredpanda.com

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