“If you kill all the beauty in a world, the children will grow only to know their way through your darkness” 

Poetry lives all around us. today we have heard the echo of it’s footsteps be silenced. Sadness is all I hear now. After a certain point in the de-evolution of a species, forgiveness becomes a mute point.

Awaken as One in Peace


Bless the soul of Cecil and take away his pain

“If you kill all the beauty in a world, the children

will grow only to know their way,

through your darkness”  

©CDD 2015

    There are times I am tested as a member of the human race to hold my head up. Today is one of those days. Not because of anything I have done, at the moment. We are all fallible. The question is, “Have I done enough?” Days like today test me and I have to cry out I failed my brother and my sisters. I failed Cecil. We failed each other. We being humans, certainly not Cecil or an other of the children of this Earth. There is always more spiritual work to be done. It never ends. One has to sleep, eat, earn currency, and once in a while stop and refuel The Lamp…

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  1. I’m chagrined over Cecil. It is an aberration. Mankind has not evolved terribly. Funny I just wrote a rhyming poem about me being ashamed of the human race. This is disheartening to me. I am a nature boy and I breathe Gaia fully. Some say I am oversensitive but I disagree and I tell them I am a litmus test of humanity in my own way and they should open their eyes. Arrrgh! My heart is pained.

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  2. I feel with you my spiritual brother. Cecil was a lion who, if one knew his HIStory had a pride, lost it, and joined another later in life. Unheard of behavior. He was truly a king and kindly to man as well. Being emphatic is a difficult path though I would not trade the deep connections with nature and Spirit for and other journey in life. Stay true to your nature boy self. You are beautiful 🙂 Your Sister in Spirit and Heart, Carla Dawn

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