I tried to share my sky with you … a Milky Way unbroken basket handle shining … the quiet of the night still, late, and so fresh with opening one can particle to pieces, if needs be … You said I’d never truly see the stars … until I saw them from the top of the Empire State Building … on a clear and cold December night … with you by my side, guiding me through the constellations … one finger pointing towards the parables … the other fumbling for the screw plate in hopes of tracing the key whole to my heart … your pick is rusty and I would be difficult … standing on the side which presents the most challenge … nervous fingers slip tell ping on the concrete below turns my head … the look on your face says it all … I see what you mean now …  the stars are within each of us.

 © 2015 Carla Dawn Dunlap All Right Reserved

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