Ninja Kitty No More


The kitten had attempted to scrawl a hostage message on the back window of the classic orange metal flake Firebird in an ancient Japanese script he had studied over the shoulder of his master who did mostly nothing except watch  endless loops of Wuxia movies and eat caramel corn, both of which  the cat adored immensely for their subtitles and the way the sticky sugar treat got balled up in his fur and he had no choice but to lick it out to free himself of it’s pestilence.  The massage was of course an insult to his master, the only revenge the six month old feline had for what was about to be taken from him, disclosing the true nature of this heartless warrior’s inability to not have the decency to honor his loyal companion with a true ceremonial Samurai’s Right’s of Passage and do the job himself with the kitchen Ginsu knives.

© 2014 Carla Dawn Dunlap

Disclaimer: No kittens were harmed in the halls of my imagination while writing this. As you all know . These things just happen sometimes. 🙂 May you all have a Blessed weekend and Love you little furry ones as much as I do mine. I think we will all cuddle up and go to sleep now. It has been a very long day. Peace and Love to you all.

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