And let us compare Mythologies

Wuji Seshat


When on Christmas day I awoke
For wife and house I was met
With the cavalry of all the years
The bending flowers

And silver stains
And all that my life
Was ever or could ever become
Like an algorithm

Lost among the innocents
I decided then, to lick
My velvet wounds
And kiss my burning oils goodbye

And make with flour
The turning great treats
That in summersaults of chesnut
I ever could or would have desired

When on Christmas day I awoke
To a sleeping house
Tired from a silent night of wine
And gentle laughter

I could say that I loved
The distant saints, and happy dreams
Of all the early road’s sweet toil
My life had become a holy hill
Where all my grace and poems lay.

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Sweet Journey Brother

Sweet journey to Our Brother, Mr. Joe Cocker … he has always been a deep part of how I understood loving others, even when I was very young. His ecstatic release of “The Spirit” from collective soul consciousness was unparalleled and will remain so … the definition of a unique being …

I COME IN PEACE … I pray I can leave in peace as well …


The Saga Begins …

The Weave Saga

Announce One                           Yuletide Greetings to One and All, It is this beautiful evening that our creation is at last brought forth to share with the world. It has been many years in the making on Galen’s part and seem so on my part. As we anxiously await our Kindle link was would like to share a few passage from the book.  We sincerely hope your Holidays and Bright and Peaceful.

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About the Author

Meet my Author at last… this is where I have been all these late nights. No not travelling around the world like her does. I have been editing his wonderful new book series, “The Weave Saga” It will be available on Kindle any minute now. First i need a nap loves…

The Weave Saga

galen sydney workshop

Galen taking a moment in Sydney, Australia

Galen Dean Loven, was raised in a world where drawing was discouraged as not being practical. He turned his love for visual artistry into the art of crafting full sensory experiences through words. As with all good artists ,who also face similar challenges, Galen allows himself, his experiences, and passions to seep into each of his characters and the appointed places in his stories they occupy. Individually, they are intensified and transformed to suit the tale ensuring that each one, each place, has a life of it’s own.

A Norseman by blood, raised on a Canadian farm, Galen has traveled the world for forty years, gathering his remarkable inventory of the sensations, feeling, and passions of living. Despite making his living in business, he would have preferred the lifestyle of the old world bard – travelling from village to village, earning his keep…

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