It Must Be Taken to The Trees

The Eagle is hunting far a field for Dove and Mouse as Snake has now made it’s way deep into holes where warmth can coo and coil it in a widdershins dance until the Beltane fires awaken the passions stolen from the fire in man’s belly …
If you want a bride of the Lord and Lady, it must be taken to the trees, Good Puck led through thorn blaze thicket to the Queen of Oberon her ire sworn be if not in phaery trust comes he for mortal and half Changeling is she …
Though time may steal what life cannot see, together we shame it for naught, the Earth bed and Sky blanket will ever recall, how we walked between their watchful eyes and to what ends we loved those beyond our own self indulgences …

{From: Songs of Love’s Soul}

 © 2014 Carla Dawn Dunlap All Rights Reserved

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