I have been away …

I have been away yet my pen still flows from time to time … perhaps, with this winter’s arrival I will stay …

The white birch is witness in random guard and sentinel fair beside the umber and scotch brown tones of the naked branched fence rows preparing to slumber into the Holly King’s reign. The jays and sister crows in the newly barren fields at hasten to find seed or grain left from harvests’ tarry turn and speak yet do not  scatter at my passing. Hunger and the wanton drive takes precedence my footfalls and woolen cape flagging the wind. The shy cornflower and mauve of Morning’s remains are since muted behind promise resting in the clouds there will be another soft snow tonight. Time huddles the hedgerows in it’s arms a deep trundle lullaby will be lent there before Dawn drinks the midnight blue elixir alchemized from stars dipped in eglantine. I turn my head back into the wind’s full brunt beginning to make my way back into the safety of the tree line when the first huge buck spots me.  Lowering his huge white velvet rack and pawing at the dry loose grass of the meadow’s forgotten summer, the billows of steamy rank breath escape his fully expanded nostrils causing the caution in his eyes to pierce me through and through, I stand frozen knowing it will be my only hope for survival. We are locked in a dangerous game of mundane and beast. Then it happens, with a mighty thrust of his head into the stillness of the thick damp darkening air, he bellows and I break for it. I can hear nothing now except the breaking of the forest floor beneath my boots and the thunderous beating of  decisively justified hooves growing ever closer.

© 2014 C.D.D. All Rights Reserved Nov. 18, 2014

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