Poetics: In the Corner of Your Eye


Hello to another installment in the ongoing fun and drama of Poetics. Marina Sofia here behind the bar, aiming to get your creative juices flowing.

Life is what happens while you’re making other plans, goes the quote. And poetry is sometimes what happens when we’re not quite looking, or when we are busy examining other things. At the interstices of our life, our thoughts, even our words.

My favourite example of that is Brueghel’s famous painting of The Fall of Icarus. In the foreground: farmers tilling the soil, shepherds counting their flock. In the background: ships sailing across the sea to distant mountains. Somewhere in the corner of one’s eye, almost unnoticed, the v-shape flash of white legs, the silent splash of Icarus AFTER he has fallen. Not a trace of his ambitious waxen wings, not a second of his glorious flight.


This is such a striking image that it…

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One thought on “Poetics: In the Corner of Your Eye

  1. Even though this is past it was such a novel idea I wanted to share it. We take too much for granted sometimes yet what is it we miss … I like that thought of this it is positively self exploratory.


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